Event Photography

We specialize in documenting events and people across various industries through the lens of a camera. Our services cover the use of both still photography and video. Whether your organizational need is for a convention, conference, trade show or something more creative, we’re the team that can deliver it for you. All of our professional equipment is state-of-the-art. We know that equipment does wear out and breakdown; therefore, it is standard procedure for our team to arrive on-location with backup gear in preparation for an unexpected equipment outage.

Event Photography

Every event has a story to tell made up of the moments both large and small that are shared between everyone present. We tell the story of your event by capturing all the action-and all the reactions-that make your event exciting, meaningful and worth remembering for years to come.

Bringing occasions to life through artful images of events, including:

• Corporate events, from parties and holidays to fund-raisers and launches

• Social events, from celebrities and galas to holidays and reunions

• School events, from graduations and homecomings to portraits and outings

With years of experience shooting events, we bring a unique mix of technical expertise and a friendly, down-to-earth working style to every engagement. Our team of professional event photographers work together seamlessly to capture your event from a more holistic perspective, covering everything from wide shots and big moments to details and amazing results.


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